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Hydrated Lime Powder

Hydrated Lime Powder is a dry powder manufactured by treating Quick Lime with sufficient water to satisfy its chemical affinity for water, thereby, converting the oxides to hydroxides. Depending upon the type of quicklime used and the hydrating conditions employed, the amount of water in chemical combination varies, as follows: High calcium hydrated lime-high calcium quicklime produces a hydrated lime containing generally 92 % to 94 % Calcium Hydroxide.

High purity Hydrated Lime Powder reduces handling cost and transportation and also increases quality of finish product. On specific demand we can provide Hydrated Lime Powder with Ca(OH)2 more than 90% that is up to 94%.

Chemical Name : calcium hydroxide

Chemical Formula : Ca(OH)2

Mostly used in : -
Water Treatment Plant
Effluent Treatment Plant
Paint industry
Petroleum refining industry
Food industry
Leather industry
Paper industry
Metallurgical industry (Copper, Aluminum, Steel, Iron, etc.)
Glass industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Di Calcium Phosphate manufacturing
Rubber industry
Road making and construction industry
Sugar industry
pH control
Marble/Granite Cutting
Cement paints
Bleaching Powder

Packing Options :-
HDPE Bags 30-40 kg OR 700-1000 Kg JUMBO bags

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